List of Locations encountered by the Adventuring group known as the Earadiant Bastards #FT

The Village of Valein -
Valein Keep
The Old Tunnel – Abandoned escape tunnel below the Keep
– Blacksmith’s Workshop
Green Dragon Inn
The Mill

Locations beyond Valein -
Boar Forest – Forest north of Valein, good for hunting Boars
The Ruined Tomb of the Delian Knights
Greenvale – The area in which Valein lies.

Elturel: A large, orderly city in the interior overlooking the River Chionthar, Elturel is filled with merchants, river traders, and farmers’ markets. Its most distinguishing feature is a brilliant magical light that hovers above it, illuminating it day and night.

More Information on other Locations of Adrinand will be added as our intrepid scholars compile their notes and submit articles to the Grand Editor of the Traveller’s Guide to Andrinand.

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