Deities of Adrinand

A non-exhaustive list of the major Dieties of the world of Adrinand.

Adrinand is watched over by many beings, who have frequently come into conflict with each other. People pay homage to many of these beings on a daily basis, focusing on one or two as their own personal gods.

Deities of Adrinand (List in Alphabetical Order)

Auril, goddess of winterNENature, TempestSix-pointed snowflake
Azuth, god of wizardsLNKnowledgeLeft hand pointing upward, outlined in fire
Bane, god of tyrannyLEWarUpright black right hand, thumb and fingers together
Beshaba, goddess of misfortuneCETrickeryBlack antlers
Bhaal, god of murderNEDeathSkull surrounded by a ring of blood droplets
Chauntea, goddess of agricultureNGLifeSheaf of grain or a blooming rose over grain
Cyric, god of liesCETrickeryWhite jawless skull on black or purple sunburst
Deneir, god of writingNGKnowledgeLit candle above an open eye
Eldath, goddess of peaceNGLife, NatureWaterfall plunging into still pool
Gond, god of craftNKnowledgeToothed cog with four spokes
Helm, god of protectionLNLife, LightStaring eye on upright left gauntlet
Ilmater, god of enduranceLGLifeHands bound at the wrist with red cord
Kelemvor, god of the deadLNDeathUpright skeletal arm holding balanced scales
Lathander, god of birth and renewalNGLife, LightRoad traveling into a sunrise
Leira, goddess of illusionCNTrickeryPoint-down triangle containing a swirl of mist
Lliira, goddess of joyCGLifeTriangle of three six-pointed stars
Loviatar, goddess of painLEDeathNine-tailed barbed scourge
Malar, god of the huntCENatureClawed paw
Mask, god of thievesCNTrickeryBlack mask
Mielikki, goddess of forestsNGNatureUnicorn’s head
Milil, god of poetry and songNGLightFive-stringed harp made of leaves
Myrkul, god of deathNEDeathWhite human skull
Mystra, goddess of magicNGKnowledgeCircle of seven stars, or nine stars encircling a flowing red mist, or a single star
Oghma, god of knowledgeNKnowledgeBlank scroll
Savras, god of divination and fateLNKnowledgeCrystal ball containing many kinds of eyes
Selune, goddess of the moonCGKnowledge, LifePair of eyes surrounded by seven stars
Shar, goddess of darkness and lossNEDeath, TrickeryBlack disk encircled with a border
Silvanus, god of wild natureNNatureOak leaf
Sune, goddess of love and beautyCGLife, LightFace of a beautiful red-haired woman
Talona, goddess of disease and poisonCEDeathThree teardrops on a triangle
Talos, god of stormsCETempestThree lightning bolts radiating from a central point
Tempus, god of warNWarUpright flaming sword
Torm, god of courage and self-sacrificeLGWarWhite right gauntlet
Tymora, goddess of good fortuneCGTrickeryFace-up coin
Tyr, god of justiceLGWarBalanced scales resting on a warhammer
Umberlee, goddess of the seaCETempestWave curling left and right
Waukeen, goddess of tradeNKnowledge, TrickeryUpright coin with Waukeen’s profile facing left

Nonhuman Deities

Bahamut, dragon god of goodLGLife, WarDragon’s head in profile
Blibdoolpoolp, kuo-toa goddessNEDeathLobster head or black pearl
Corellon Larethian, elf deity of art and magicCGLightQuarter moon or starburst
Deep Sashelas, elf god of the seaCGNature, TempestDolphin
Eadro, merfolk deity of the seaNature, TempestSpiral design
Garl Glittergold, gnome god of trickery and wilesLGTrickeryGold nugget
Grolantor, hill giant god of warCEWarWooden club
Gruumsh, orc god of storms and warCETempest, WarUnblinking eye
Gruumsh, orc god of storms and warCEWarMorningstar
Kurtulmak, kobold god of war and miningLEWarGnome skull
Laogzed, troglodyte god of hungerCEDeathImage of the lizard/toad god
Lolth, drow goddess of spidersCETrickerySpider
Maglubiyet, goblinoid god of warLEWarBloody axe
Moradin, dwarf god of creationLGKnowledgeHammer and anvil
Rillifane Rallathil, wood elf god of natureCGNatureOak
Sehanine Moonbow, elf goddess of the moonCGKnowledgeCrescent moon
Sekolah, sahuagin god of the huntLENature, TempestShark
Semuanya, lizardfolk deity of survivalNLifeEgg
Skerrit, centaur and satyr god of natureNNatureOak growing from acorn
Skoraeus Stonebones, god of stone giants and artNKnowledgeStalactite
Surtur, god of fire giants and craftLEKnowledge, WarFlaming sword
Thrym, god of frost giants and strengthCEWarWhite double-bladed axe
Tiamat, dragon goddess of evilLETrickeryDragon head with five claw marks
Yondalla, halfling goddess of fertility and protectionLGLifeShield

Personal Diety of Tim Curry

Cthulu, Great Old OneNETempestTentacle

More Information on other religions and/or Deities of Adrinand will be added as our intrepid scholars compile their notes and submit articles to the Grand Editor of the Traveller’s Guide to Andrinand.

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Deities of Adrinand

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